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Serious illness or injury is a life altering experience. Whether you are injured in an accident or suddenly become ill with a chronic or life threatening disease, your emotional reaction will almost certainly be the same. Shock, grief, fear and anger are the common human responses to unexpected tragedy, and there is little that is more tragic than the loss of your health. Being ill or injured brings us face to face with our mortality and forces us to find new ways to bring meaning to our lives.

Journaling through recovery – whether from a physical illness or accident, addiction, mental illness or other life-altering events – offers enormous therapeutic benefits. Simply writing down your experience helps diminish its emotional impact and provides an outlet for feelings of grief, pain and loss. Telling your story in your own words is an important means of communicating your perceptions to those who care for you, including health care providers, family and friends. A personal diary can also serve as a chronicle of your progress –something to look back on when you become discouraged or overwhelmed. Movement in the process of recovery is often painfully slow and tedious. Having a written record of events can show you, in very concrete terms, exactly how far you have come.

Healing is a deeply personal experience that cannot be measured in purely functional terms. True healing comes when we accept where we are in life’s continuum, embrace our limitations and accept things as they are. Regular journaling is uniquely suited to helping you meet those ends.

I am not what happened to me. I am what I choose to become. ~ Carl Jung



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