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Life has a way of throwing us curve balls. We all know that, and by the time we reach a certain age we come to expect and prepare for it.  Right?

Not exactly.

The truth is that we humans seem to have an infinite capacity to forget that the curve ball exists. No matter how many times we swing at it and miss, we come back to the plate thinking that this time  we’ll know exactly where the ball is going to be and hit it out of the park.

We think nothing is going to come along and mess up our plans.

Until something does…..

This site has been offline for several months while I have been dealing with one of those sneaky pitches. As usual, it came out of nowhere and caught me off guard, and I found myself reeling for a while, unable to  do much of anything but try to get my bearings as my world tipped on its axis. Again.

It’s never easy. We do get smarter with age, but we don’t sprout wings. Still tethered to the earth by forces we can’t control, we have no choice but to hold on tight and wait for the shock waves to pass.

I’m happy to say that it seems the worst of them is over for now. I’m back. The site is up. And I hope to be bringing you some good content and journaling ideas very soon.

Stay tuned! And thank you for sicking around.

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