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Reprogramming your unconscious is one of the most important and challenging aspects of healing and personal growth. Accessing painful memories is difficult and frightening, yet there is no way to bring them to awareness other than to take them out of hiding into the light of day. Journaling–especially when you use the tools and personal guidance that Journal to Wellness offers—is a powerful way to meet that end.

Until healing and forgiveness take place, we hold our own soul hostage. To heal, we must dance the opposites, forgive and be forgiven. To heal, we must relive the experiences in our emotions and transform the trauma—-make light of the dark. We then heal ourselves by embracing the pain within us. — Coral Anika Theill

Journaling Exercise:

For today’s journaling session, try this simple mindfulness exercise before you write. Stay with it for about 10 to minutes (it’s a good idea to set a timer) or for as long as you can. (It is harder than it looks!)

Begin your session as usual, by taking three deep cleansing breaths, and set an intention to spend a few moments noticing how your mind works. You are not looking for anything in particular in this exercise. Your goal  is to simply experience the mind with as much acceptance and non-judgmental awareness as you can.

Sit quietly, concentrating on your breathing, and let your thoughts flow. Notice the sounds and smells in your environment, your bodily sensations, your feelings and your mood. Notice your thoughts as they come up, but don’t hold on to any one of them—just notice them and then gently but firmly let them go. If you become frustrated, anxious or bored, notice that, too, and then consciously redirect your attention back to your breath.

When your 10 minutes are over, take a short break and then describe the experience in your journal, concentrating not on what you were thinking and feeling during the exercise, but on how it felt  to keep your awareness on the breath. Was it easy or difficult? Were you distracted, and, if so, by what? Was the exercise pleasant or frustrating? Why?

This was a “get acquainted” exercise, a simple way of introducing you to the power and potential of your unconscious mind. As you learn more about journaling you will begin to harness that power and unleash the potential for positive change in your life.

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